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Rachel Werner



Creating a Vibrant Freelance Writing Career

If so, follow the #NaNoPrepAndWin challenge I’m participating in. Hosted on Instagram by my friend J. Mercer (@Jmercerbooks), the prompt challenge will help you think about characters, their relationships, the setting, and major plot points, so when November hits, you can hit the keyboard running.

Does your ‘we’ include me?

Little Book Project WI’s creative director implores us all to seek true representation in art. It feeds and soothes my soul. I feel most alive when I’m fully enmeshed in artistic labor. For a long time, I was chronically unaware of this truth about myself. And it was suffocating me from within. When people say I am “talented,” what I hear is that I was simply born lucky.
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A Blogger Shares How barre3 Helped Her Emerge From Burnout and Find Hope Again

Rachel Werner is a writer, mother, content-marketing specialist, and fitness enthusiast. After years of pushing through life without stopping for rest and self-care, Rachel shares how barre3 offered her a new sense of hope and possibility. Read on to discover Rachel’s story in her own words, including how she made the decision to leave a toxic work culture, follow her passion, and discover a new community in barre3.

Three Books Every Content Creator Should Read

The words you use to describe yourself and the services you provide will attract a certain. audience. This in turn will open doors to potential clients or partnerships—and eliminate. A common mistake many marketers make is trying to promote a brand for “general”. Avoid sabotaging yourself from the outset by gleaning pro tips from three books that.

Restaurant of the Week: Leopold’s Books Bar Caffè

Any bibliophile can affirm few things go together as well as a fascinating book and a sumptuous beverage. But drinking alone is never as enjoyable as being in a social environment. Which is what makes Leopold’s Books Bar Caffè the most notable addition to Madison’s near West Side in well over a year.

A Weekend in…Lake Geneva

Within an hour’s drive south from Wisconsin’s two largest cities—Madison and Milwaukee—Lake Geneva is an idyllic getaway for those seeking a lakeside respite from city life. Be prepared to fully immerse in a more leisurely environment directly upon arrival. Downtown Lake Geneva is merely steps away from the sandy shoreline, so take an impromptu stroll along Wrigley Drive before checking in at Maxwell Mansion.

5 Reasons to Visit Madeline Island

Islands are prime vacation destinations any time of year, even in Northern Wisconsin. the largest and only one of the 22 islands that has year-round residents—is no exception. Departures to this seeming oasis located in Ashland County usually happen from Bayfield via charter plane, private boat or a short ferry ride.

Restaurant of the Week: Hop Haus Brewery

Craft beer connoisseurs eat in style at Hop Haus Brewing. The OG location in Verona now has a sister outpost in Fitchburg, which is grander in terms of its scale and menu but offers the same quality brews and bites that Hop Haus has always been known for. The ground floor is spacious—providing plenty of room for those who prefer to have prime seating at the bar, take a brewery tour or pop by for dinner with kids in tow.

Disability Representation in Writing

Marginalization is often magnified by societal invisibility for disabled individuals. Even initiatives and organizations committed to championing inclusivity often overlook those who have different access needs. This lack of recognition can be even more pronounced for those who also simultaneously identify with another diverse community—perhaps feeling seen in one regard but totally ignored in another.

The 6 Best Tofu Presses in 2021

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. Tofu is a soy-based meat alternative frequently used by culinary professionals and home chefs alike. “The ability to store tofu products for a longer period of time and a lesser level of perishability are key factors” driving the surge of its popularity, according to a recent report by Market Research Future.

Restaurant of the Week: Wander Provisions

Eating out in nature can be a superb experience, assuming one has the time to prep, cook and pack eats, drinks and utensils before heading off on an excursion. Which is often where the fun of picnicking takes a deep nose dive—when the labor it takes to organize the meal requires more time and energy than one has to spare.

The Dörr Hotel

Elegance and lake life go hand in hand at The Dörr Hotel. As an upscale boutique hotel located on Mill Road—Sister Bay’s main strip that runs parallel to one of the most scenic harbors in Door County—the property has become a destination unto itself since opening Memorial Day weekend of 2021. Modern opulence is the initial vibe guests experience when stepping into the lobby—an open floor plan with a full bar, a resplendent lounge area and beamed ceilings.


Rachel Werner

Rachel Werner is a teaching artist for The Loft Literary Center, Hugo House and Lighthouse Writers Workshop, as well as the founder of The Little Book Project WI. She has contributed print, photography and video content to The Kitchn, The Spruce Eats, Fabulous Wisconsin, BRAVA, Madison Magazine and Entrepreneurial Chef. Her literary writing and craft essays have been published by Off Menu Press, Digging Through The Fat and Voyage YA Literary Journal. A selection of Rachel's recipes are also included in Wisconsin Cocktails (UW-Press, 2020)—and her poetry in the anthology “Hope is the Thing: Wisconsinites on Perseverance in a Pandemic” (The Wisconsin Historical Society, 2021). Rachel is also represented by Savannah Brooks at The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency.



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